FDML26 Blackberry with gold

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 Ink spray "Spray metallic" is  water-based ink and composed of  metallized pigments, special adhesive  substances and purified water.  "Spray metallic" non-toxic, acid free, is  designed to use on paper,  cardboard, fiberboard, wood, fabric, and any  surfaces coated with  primer. The palette contains soft and bright  natural colors. After  drying, it creates a matt surface with a metallic  shine. The colors may  mixed together to create new tints.

 CAUTION: Before use,  shake the bottle  vigorously. You should work in rubber gloves. After  finishing clean the  sprayer with a wet cloth and seal the protective  cover.

 Terms of use:  

 Do not give to children under 14 years. 

 Work in rubber gloves. 

 After work clean the sprayer with a wet cloth and seal the protective cover. 

 Store life is 2 years. 

 Store in a dark place at a temperature of + 5C to + 25C. 

 Vol. 50ml