Professional binding 40 ml

19 kr

Glue "Professional Binding"  designed for binding works, gluing paper, cardboard,  chipboard, fabric, leather, plastic, handmade paper, also suitable to  form the elastic layer on the backs of notebooks and albums. After  drying, it forms a transparent film. Can be used in decoupage, if  diluting it with water in a ratio of 3 to 1 (30g of the glue/ 10g of  water).

   How to use: gluing surfaces must  be clean, dry and free of grease. Apply a thin layer of adhesive on one  side, if necessary, adjust the position of the parts, and then press  them together. 

    Features of use: 

Odorless, non toxic.

 Store life is 12 months at temperature between +5C to +30C.

Do not freeze.

Do not give children under 14 years.

Volume: 40 ml.