Rost effect powder

69 kr

Instructions for use:

  1. Mix powder or gel medium 13 Multimedium arts and apply using a brush or spatula to work or selected items. You  can also be applied first gel medium and then sprinkle powder, which  stick to the żelu.Najciekawsze results obtained on a dark background  (e.g., can be used. Czanego gesso or paint Vivid Vintage).
  2. Then the applied powder spray vinegar to activate the corrosion process. Vinegar can be sprayed clean or dilute it with water, but the effect is more intense with the vinegar. To obtain an enhanced effect and rust of various shades can be used instead of vinegar reagents rust eg 
  3. Leave to dry 12-24 hours. Heater can be dried, but the best results, leave to dry natural.
  4. The final result is rough, rusty texture that can be gently podbarwić paints, for a more natural effect, eg. Cyan.
  5. The process can be repeated several times to obtain a better effect, if a thicker layer of rust.

 Rusty Bronze powder is an iron based powder for making rust effect on any kind of projects, backgrounds or elements.