Glossy Ink Teal

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Water-based acid-free, semi-transparent concentrated pigment gloss  ink  spray for mixed media projects and fabric decor. Versatile acrylic  ink  that can be used on absolutely any surface including fabrics. Use  for  scrapbooking, mixed media, fabrics decoration and many more!  Decorated  fabrics are washable.

How to use Glossy Ink Spray. 

Shake   well the spray bottle before each use. There are two glass balls that   will mix the pigment quickly and easily inside each bottle. All the   colors are concentrated and vibrant. You can use water to dilute  colors,  or use Glossy Varnish Spray to dilute colors or make additional   blending effects.

Wash spray cap after each usage. Place spray cap to the glass with water and spray few times to remove ink completely.

 How to use Glossy Ink Spray on fabrics?

 Decorate   the fabrics by spraying ink from the bottle. Leave to dry. Decorated   fabrics are washable after 24 hours in up to 30 °C soapy water. You do   not need to iron the fabrics or do anything to fix the ink. Just wait   and wear.