Vaessen Creative • 3-in-1 Corner Tag Punch

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Make the prettiest labels and tickets with this Vaessen Creative 3-in-1 label corner punch or give a beautiful finish to the corners of your papercraft and scrapbook projects. Create a ticket-effect, slanted corners of 15 mm or rounded corners of 20 mm by simply rotating the punch a quarter turn. This way, one punch offers many possibilities with paper, cardboard, photos and more.

Give a beautiful finish to corners of business cards, invitations, photos, cards, scrapbook pages and other papercraft projects quickly and easily. The label corner punch is very easy to use and punches sharp edges with great precision. Slide a point of the paper into the punch until it touches the edges and press the button down. The result is a nice rounded or bevelled corner. The corner punch is suitable for paper up to 220 grams.

Tip: Keep the label corner punch sharp by once in a while punching it several times through aluminium.