Pearl Pigment Black

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Pearl Pigments are safe mineral pigments also called mica powders  with  high pearl and metallic sheen. Mica powders are very versatile as  you  can add them to any paint, ink, media and even clay to add shimmer  and  luster to your project. Daily ART offers 20 bright colors of Mica   Powder. Mix Pearl Pigment into acrylics, oils, alcohol or water-based   inks, epoxy resin, glues, medias, casting resing, clay, varnishes and   many more.

Mix Mearl Pigment with Gumi Arabic to create ink.

 Try   mixing with Daily ART Gum Arabic and make your pearlescent calligraphy   ink or watercolor. Use on porous surfaces such as paper and chipboard.   Gum Arabic is not water resistant! That means you can use it only on   decorative objects that you never plan to wash, like pictures or   decorative plaques. At the same time, this will let you do quick clean   up and not worry about your clothes. 

 Mix Pearl Pigment with Daily Art acrylic varnishes and Medium to create water-resistant gel or paint. 

 Mix  with Gel medium Gloss or Gel Medium Matt to create thick metallic  gel  for relief decorations. Use mixture with a stencil or for impasto   technique. Mix with Daily ART Triple Thick Gloss Varnish or Liquid  Glass  and make thick metallic paint or a stain. This paint will give  you  longer drying time and allow you to add dimensional metallic  decoration  to your mixed media projects as the mixture will not crack  in a thick  layer. Mix with Mixed Media Glossy Ink Spray Transparent to  get  water-resistant acrylic ink. Sprinkle Pearl Pigment powders on any  wet  surface. Sprinkle Mica Powder over alcohol or water-based inks,  acrylic  or oil paint, varnish or glue, medium or a gel, paste or  gesso. 


Mica powders are for art and craft purpose only. Must not use for cosmetic or food.