Vattenpensel Large

39 kr

 Water brush pen is a brush with  the reservoir for liquid. Designed for watercolor painting, lettering  (calligraphy) and different kinds of art, including scrapbooking. Due to  the controlled flow of liquid, you can achieve the effect of a smooth  gradient, halftone gradients, and create a flat paint fill. Aqua brush  is also perfect for graphic projects. For this purpose we recommend to  fill the water reservoir with "Aqua ink" which will provide a continuous  ink flow with desired color. 


  Terms and conditions of use: 

  • Polypropylene split body design for long-term use
  • Soft attrition-resisting nylon bristles

  •  Special protective cap to prevent the bristles hall  

  •  There is a special area on the body for the most efficient flow of liquid or ink  

  •  The total length with the protective cap: 18cm  

  •  The body diameter: 1 cm  

  •  Size Large

  •  Reservoir capacity: 10 ml.