Texture paste with resist effect

89 kr

 Texture modeling paste with resist effect for arts and crafts of white-gray color which consists water-based  acrylic dispersion and marble flour . It is designed to form relief and  texture on canvas, fabric, cardboard, wooden surfaces, foam, fiberboard,  any other primed surface. Applies with a brush or palette knife, very  flexible, it dries quickly, perfectly toned using water-soluble ink and  pigment powders, clear contours, can be used for relief stamps. It forms  a durable elastic relief, not crack or crumble. After complete drying  the surface can be painted by any color and ink.

  • Store in a tightly closed container and apply at temperatures above 5C.   
  • Tools, containers and workplace can be cleaned with warm water. 
  • After contact with skin wash off with warm water and soap. 
  • Not for children below 14 years
  • Volume: 150ml.